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Won't You Join Us?

Before we all parted ways for the summer, this school celebrated some amazing things. From a beautiful mosaic mural in the entry, thanks to BigThought, to news that we would become one of Dallas ISD's newest dual-language Spanish immersion programs, to being picked for a Real School Garden (keep an eye out for news about our Big Dig this fall!).

If you're new to the neighborhood, or have been here a while and are beginning to look at public schools, we welcome you on our campus. In fact, we welcome all our neighbors to come see the wonderful changes we have made and are making, and to see our happy and smart students.

This PTA is happy and proud to serve our students, parents and faculty at Foster. We're so excited about the projects and fun we have planned for the next school year - bookmark us here and join our Facebook group to find out the latest.

Have a great summer, and we'll see you in August, ready to work hard, get smart, and go to college.

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